Marathi film( Tee Mee Navhech )( That's not me)(1962)

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 Hindi song,sung by Sharda ji, from
 Marathi film "Tee Mee Navhech (I am not that girl)

, the music of which was composed by Shankar ji, under the nick name of "Suraj". I think the name of Jaikishan ji is not involved when there is a mention of music director "Suraj". "Tee Mee Navhech" was second and last film of Shankar ji after "Street Singer", using pseudonym"Suraj"

Shankar Jaikishan - Wikipedia

Shankar Jaikishan (also known as S-J), were an Indian duo who composed music for the Hindi ....Shankar-Jaikishan's compositions broke new ground in Hindi film music. ... as having some of the best background musical scores of Hindi films till date. .... However, it was only after Raj Kapoor's own death in 1988 that the ...
"Since Shankar continued to support Sharda (post Sangam era) and even ghost-composed music for her film and non-film albums, it is said that Lata Mangeshkar became angry with him and discontinued singing for him."
But in case of "Street Singer",it was known that Shankar ji had composed music for this film, charging a very reasonable amount,as a result of his close friendship with Producer Director and Actor Chandrashekhar.

It is to be mentioned here that the details of the names of Producer Director and starcast of"Tee mi Navhech "could not be found on Google search

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Vinayak Chaskar


Main Cast:



It had 4 songs

1)Kashi Mee Saangoo Raaya Jagaachaa Rivaaj Duniya Chaale - Sharda
2)Oh Meri Jaan Ke Dushman Dil Ko Dhadjana Tere Sikha Doon - Sharda
3)Laajoo Nakaa Mulee Mulkhaachi Mee Bholi Gavsale - Sharda
4)Hirvyaa Hirvyaa Rangachee Jhaadee Ghandaat Sang Go - Sharda, Jayant , jitendra chorus

Kashi Mee Saangu Raja

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O Mere Jaan Ke Dushman-Tee Mee Navhech-1970-Sharda-SJ

Laajoo Naka Mulee Mulakhaachi-Tee Mee Navhech-1970-Sharda-SJ

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Hirvya Hirvya Ranganchi- Jaywant Kulkarni (Ti Mi Navhech)

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Raya Asa Pahu Naka

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Audio COURTESY : Jiv Raj Singh Rathore ji Song from Marathi film Tee MeNavhech.... 

Tee Mee Navhech - Gaana

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Tee Mee Navhech
Album by Suraj
Release date31 December 1970
To Mee Navhech - Wikipedia

To Mee Navhech is a classic Marathi play written by Acharya Atre based on the court case of Madhav Kazi, who was an active criminal in the year 1955-1960.

To Mee Navhech (Translated as: That's not me, (Marathiतो मी नव्हेच)) is a classic Marathi playwritten by Acharya Atre based on the court case of Madhav Kazi, who was an active criminal in the year 1955-1960.[1] Though the protagonist role has been played by many actors since its inception in 1962, the role of Lakhoba Lokhande played by Prabhakar Panshikar is the most memorable. To Mee Navech is probably the first play in the world where the same actor has to do five completely different roles, not to merely add to novelty value or as a stunt, but because the story demands it.[2] To Mee Navhech was also among the first Marathi plays to make use of the Revolving Stage (फिरता रंगमंच) between two scenes. This is also translated in many regional languages. The play has crossed over 3000 shows in total over a span of 52 years which itself is a record.[3]


A conman Lakhoba Lokhande is being prosecuted in the court of law for allegedly duping people, marrying women for money and essentially living multiple lives. He tries to defend his own self by asking uncomfortable questions to each witness during the cross-questioning. The entire play is set in a courtroom scene with a revolving set used for cut scenes and flashbacks.


The storyline focuses on a con Lakhoba Lokhande, who claims he is a tobacco merchant from Nipani. The drama starts with a courtroom scene in which Lakhoba Lokhande is sitting in the defendant box. He has been accused by the prosecution of swindling different persons through disguise and fraud. The prosecution lawyer presents many witnesses, most of whom are the victims of Lakhoba's embezzlement (and in some cases torture). The witnesses narrate their experiences with the defendant through flashbacks. Lakhoba runs his own case after firing his lawyer. He cross questions the witnesses and during the process pleads his innocence by saying "To Mee Navhech".

Characters played by Lead Role in the play[edit]

Lakhoba Lokhande: (लखोबा लोखंडे) A tobacco merchant from Nipani
Divakar Ganesh Datar: (दिवाकर दातार) A secret political officer of the Kingdom of Mysore
Dajishastri Datar: (दाजीशास्त्री दातार) Elder brother of Divakar Datar
Captain Ashok Paranjpe: (कॅ॰ अशोक परांजपे) A Navy officer and younger brother of Divakar Datar
Radheshyam Maharaj: (राधेश्याम महाराज) A saint

Lead role played by[edit]

  1. Prabhakar Panshikar
  2. Sumeet Raghavan
  3. Girish Oak
  4. Pushkar Shrotri

Other role played by[edit]

  1. Dattopant Angre
  2. Nanda Patkar
  3. Chadrachud Vasudev
  4. Bipin Talpade
  5. Vasudev Date
  6. Eran Joseph
  7. Purushottam Bal
  8. Kusum Kulkarni
  9. Saroj Naik
  10. Mandakini Bhadbhade
  11. Bholaram Athavale
  12. Shripad Joshi

Tone of Narrative[edit]

The general tone of the narrative of "To Mee Navhech" means is rather sarcastic. Playwright Atre wanted the name "Mee To Navhech" but then Director Mo Ga Ranganekar went ahead with "To Mee Navhech" leaving Atre furious. The book is also published by same name. In that book, Atre wrote that Ranganekar did not suggest the name. Atre had already decided the name because the protagonist in the play used it many times "To Mi Navhech". The 1st show of this play was done on 8th Oct. 1962 in Delhi


 or You Tube. Only audios of it's Four songs are available on You Tube and one poster (posted in Comments section) found on Google doesn't contain any details about it's Producer Director and starcast. Only the face of hero Ramesh Deo can be identified.
Image result for Tee Mee Navhech

So it is not known who was Producer of the film and how he managed to pursuade Shankar ji to compose Music for his film


. In those days (in 1969-70) , Marathi films were a low profile and low budget affair. So it is certain that the producer could not afford commercial rate of Shankar ji's fee. So the producer might have somehow got his work done from Shankar ji at concessional rate. I don't know about Shankar ji's connection with Marathi Producers.

 But I have read something about his connection with Marathi language. Shankar ji's wife Kunda ji was a Maharashtrian lady. May be because of that, sometimes Shankar ji used to speak in Marathi at home.

Coming to the music about the film "Tee mi Navhech", the audio of Four songs are available on You Tube. Apart from one Hindi song, which I have posted here, there are other Two Marathi Songs sung by Sharda ji. One of them is"Lavani"song. Fourth one is a Picnic song in Chorus.
The name of the film"Tee mi Navhech" was perhaps given to film to encash the popularity of Superhit Marathi stage play,"To mi Navhech"by Aacharya Atre, which was creating records those days. The producer of the movie tried to produce "Off beat" film by inducing story of Murder mystery. He tried his luck, by engaging "Suraj"(Shankar ji) for Music composition and Sharda ji for playback singing, which was totally a new step in Marathi film industry.

But nothing could prevent this unfortunate film from becoming a total commercial Flop and the film went into Record books as the only Marathi movie with the music score by Shankar ji !!!

music director suraj - Google Groups

music director suraj, Dellpak, 5/5/00 12:00 AM. i recently heard a very good song by mohd.rafi from1960'sfilm Street singer,music by Suraj. does any body give

Roop Singh Chandel (Assoc Prof) 


Yes this guy called " SURAJ" composed for Street Singer and the film had
ome good Rafi songs.  Actually that time there was a rumour that Shanker
( of Shanker-Jaikishen) used this dummy name of SURAJ and composed for
this film which was produced/directed by his friend Chandrashekhar (
Both are from Hyderabad).  This was the time when there were strong
rumours that S-J may split over Sharda.
  This rumour was strenghtened by
the fact that Sharda had sung few songs for Street Singer.
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In article <8evtq5 bm7="" font="">>,
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According to "Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema" by Rajadhyaksha and
For Chandrashekhar's Street Singer, Shankar used the name Suraj.

Surjit Singh, a diehard movie fan(atic), period.